Our aim at Speedy Parcels is to get your shipment safely and on time to its destination. Below are some tips for you to follow to ensure that your shipments reach your customers on time and in good shape. Simple measures to ensure you have satisfied and loyal customers.

  1. Please write your Speedy Parcels consignment forms clearly, giving as much details as possible. In certain countries where the postal system is not well defined, a telephone or fax number would be very helpful.

  2. Mark the service required clearly, i.e. Courier (by air) or Road Service on the Airway Bill. Services not clearly defined will result in a delay, as we will have to contact you in order to find out what service you require. This is very important in the case of shipments to Ireland and the EU. When sending parcels on our UK Next day Service, please specify which service you require it to go on, i.e. NEXT DAY or TIMED.

  3. Pack your boxes well. Use cushioning that will prevent your products from moving during transit. The cushioning should be able to absorb shock and vibrations and prevent the contents from coming in contact with the outer packaging. For fragile and sensitive products each item must be wrapped individually, fill in the loose spaces with the cushioning materials like scrunched up newspaper. Though we take the utmost care with your assignments, boxes still go through the harsh environment of shipping.

  4. Always use good quality, new packaging that is strong enough to support the contents, as the boxes are invariably stacked during shipping.

  5. Packages should be taped shut securely with strong shipping tape. Masking and cellophane tapes are not adequate for securing the box flaps. Do not use string or rope as it could get entangled in the automatic sorting machines used by most carriers. 

  6. For health and safety reasons, our employees discouraged from lifting goods heavier that 25 kilos. Therefore please stick to the maximum weight specified on your tariff, which is 25 kilos. For consignments heavier than 25 kilos please call our office for a quote on a pallet.

  7. Always ensure you have the correct name and the address of your consignee on the box, clearly typed or hand written. As an added measure leave a copy on the name and address inside the box. If we cannot read your hand writing we will have problems making sure the consignment reaches its destination.

  8. Please conform to the directives of the authorities of the country you are shipping your goods to. Most countries outside the EU prefer a pro-forma invoice. All relevant documentation and paperwork i.e. commercial invoices (By law you are now obliged to provide Bona Fide commercial invoices for any shipment over £600) or licences for parcels should be provided with the parcels at the time of collection.

  9. When making shipments please note the following points.
    · Without the proper paper work, shipments will get delayed, causing grief to all. 
    · Imports into the USA are one of the most stringent in the world. 
    · Please check with your importer and complete the necessary paperwork. 
    · The cost of returning goods is charged back to the customer. 

  10. Finally, remember that all standard tariff quotes must be in writing.

Please help us to help you and provide you with better service.